Who is the theorist, and what are some of the significant works (writings) of the political philosopher?

) Instructions for the Short Paper (Short Paper 1 and Short Paper 2) Graded Written Assignments: i) The Guidelines for the Graded Short Papers: Each student will be required to submit two short papers of no less than three-five pages long, typed and double-spaced (excluding title page and bibliography page) on the assigned reading topic. The instructor will be looking for the following: (1) Clarity of thesis statement or statement of the problem, (2) Excellent organization & coherence of presentation to reflect originality of thought, (3) Depth of research demonstrated by accurate information, critical thinking & analysis (4) The clear use of Footnotes or End notes, (5) Correct bibliographic & in-text citation formats, (6) No more than one internet source used, and (7) Correct grammar, syntax, brevity of language with precise choice or economy of words. Note: “any plagiarism will result in a final failing grade of an F. This includes copying, para-phrasing someone, borrowing or stealing materials from the internet or any other sources without proper notations and/or accurate citations.” The short papers are worth 25% each or 50% of the total grade. Important Paper Components: In each of the two short papers students have to select a philosopher, and then discuss the following: (1) who is the theorist, and what are some of the significant works (writings) of the political philosopher? (2) discuss three component of one or more works of the political philosopher, (3) how did the selected work(s) impact society, and (4) Students should offer a critique of the selected work(s). Note: No student may write about the same philosopher on “the short papers.” That said students may use the same philosopher for the major paper. However, the student must use “different selected work(s) for the major paper.