Book Report

A book report is relatively demanding and most students would rather avoid this type of writing assignment. However, you cannot wish away a book report assignment because it is major part of coursework in high school, college or university. The objective of a book report is to provide a detailed analysis of a particular assigned book. You are therefore required to read the book, analyze the plot, think over the themes it contains, evaluate the characters and deliver a sound psychological assessment of the text. Your book report will not be complete without a thorough analysis of thee informative value of the text, its genre and information on the author. Generally, students struggle with book report writing because it is particularly a very specific type of paper unlike other common types.

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The difficulty in producing a quality book report lies in the reading and analysis process rather than the writing itself. Inexperienced students spend a great deal of time reading the whole book, taking notes and reviewing the plot and themes. A common experience is that the student often runs out time having not written a satisfactory book report to hand in. This explains why many students keen on getting high grades seek the help of professionals in completing this technical piece of writing.

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Format of Book Report

Except for instances where you have provided unique requirements, the general format of our book report is as follows:

  1. Introduction – short and direct section containing background and thesis;
  2. Summary of Main Arguments – provides brief overview or summary of the book;
  3. Analysis/Evaluation – the body part of the book report that explains and develops the evaluation in the thesis.
  4. Conclusion – provides succinct summary of the reviews, stating significance of the text, limitations, potential future research etc.

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