Who is driving the issue and possibly who is opposed to it,discuss.

The general requirements for the paper are as follows:
• 750 word minimum, single spaced, 1” margins, using Times New Roman 12 point
• At least 3 references with at least 1 reference being a technical reference.
Wikipedia may not be referenced. Complete citations must be used following the
IEEE style manual posted on Moodle.( I will upload the file)
Please follow the directions above. Failure to do so will result in no credit being given
for the paper.
Guidelines: A contemporary issue is an issue that affects us today. An ethical issue is
one in which the engineer must decide what is the right thing to do. Each discipline has
pertinent issues that could impact the lives of engineers as well as the lives of the general
population. Please discuss the issues including the impacts on society and the economy.2
Discuss the following for the contemporary issue: ( use this as format to write)
* Outline the issue
– How did it come about/background info
– What is the current status
– Who is driving the issue and possibly who is opposed to it
* Discuss Pro and Cons
* Argue/Explain your position and why you support it