What one question would you ask the author of this research?

Readings & Reading Responses Text: Cambell, Richard. Media & Culture: an Introduction to Mass Communication (10th Edition). Available significantly cheaper on Kindle via Amazon.com. You will be required to turn in 4 out of 5 required reading responses over the course of the semester, each worth 5% of your final grade. These responses should always follow the same format: You will write a reading response for those dates designated on the syllabus W hen reading, jot down comments, ideas, and questions that will help you construct your response. You should go beyond personal opinion in these responses. Reading responses are not just your comments about the content of the article, they analyze how the author presents her or his message. Keep the following questions in mind, “What is the author’s purpose and argument of this piece?” “Is the argument sound, why or why not?” What does a reading response do? (1) Forces you to pull your ideas together in a coherent fashion (2) Shows me that you read the material and demonstrates critical thinking skills (3) Prepares you for class discussion (4) Allows you to make connections between the current text and course themes What are some things you should do when you write a reading response? Explore a strong reaction to the text beyond “This was a good chapter.” Raise questions about confusing or contradictory ideas. Challenge the reading (in a reasonable way), or, explain what arguments/ideas caused you to agree with the author. Directly reference the text through quotes to support all claims When appropriate, make connections between the text and other readings or themes. You must include two questions at the end of each response piece. One question should be directed to the author. What one question would you ask the author of this research? The second question should be directed at your classmates. This question should be constructed with goal of encouraging further analysis and class discussion of the reading. Note: Reading responses should be roughly 2-4 pages (typed, double spaced, and labeled with your name, the article title(s), author’s name(s)). Responses should be well structured, including an introduction (with a thesis), an effective summary of the material, well-articulated analysis of the author’s argument(s), proper citations, and an appropriate conclusion (including your thoughts and questions about the material). If responses are poorly written, you will only receive partial credit for the assignment Every response is due on a Friday – it must be either handed into me in person or submitted on Sakai before class begins. If you know you are going to be absent, submit the response to me before it is due to avoid losing points. (You are allowed one opportunity to h