What happens to the human spirit as technology proliferates and science removes the mystery from human experience.

This will be a five-seven page paper based on the theme: “Living in The Modern Technological World” Each of the books (O Pioneers novel, Brave New World novel, Never Let Me Go novel) that we read this session contains the underlying theme of the human – nature – technology triad. Since the Scientific Revolution, humanity has focused on gaining control over the natural world and over time humankind has moved increasingly closer toward complete control through technological endeavors. There are many overriding questions that emerge from this three-way relationship between humans, nature and technology. One is a question of whether we control technology or whether technology controls us. Another question has to do with what happens to human relationships as technology becomes a mitigating factor in our contact with other people. Still another question has to do with what happens to the human spirit as technology proliferates and science removes the mystery from human experience. You may interpret the broad theme of “Living in a Modern Technological World” in any manner you wish. The only requirement for honing in on your subject matter is that you use ideas from the novels and/or what you have learned in this session as a jumping off point for your exposition. The five-seven pages do not include the Works Cited page. Even though this is a research paper, your ideas should be the basis of the paper. This is your chance to show me all that you have learned during this class, including how to proofread your own work, organize ideas, develop ideas and support your thesis with evidence, write grammatically correct sentences, and much more. REQUIREMENTS: 1. Five- to seven-page paper (not including the Works Cited page) 2. Double space your work and use twelve-point font. 3. Have a clear, explicit thesis statement in your introduction. 4. Include a title page formatted according to MLA specifications. 5. Use five or more sources within the paper. These sources should be a variety of books, print articles, films, lectures, database articles, surveys, etc. You may draw from the material we have examined this semester. 6. Proper use of the MLA Style of Documentation (parenthetical citations and a Works Cited page.) 7. Fluid integration of quotes, summaries and paraphrases into your paper. 8. Include your last name and page number at the top right corner of each page of your paper except for the title page. To include a heading on each page, go to View on your menu bar, Header and Footer. Then you can add a header