What are the weaknesses of the theory? That is, in what ways does it fail to account for the cyber crime you have chosen? Be specific.

Requirements: The power point should consist of approximately 20-25 slides with the first slide being the title page and the last being the reference page. APA format is required. Fifteen (15) scholarly sources are required (e.g., texts, class readings, academic journals, professional or trade journals, and WWW sources, excluding Wikipedia) for the presentation. I recommend you peruse the International Journal of Cyber Criminology (www.cybercrimejournal.com) and the Journal of Cyber Psychology (www.cyberpsychology.eu) for appropriate source material. Other useful additional links are listed below. Beyond the 15 scholarly sources, the student may use as many other sources of any kind as he or she would like (Wikipedia, interviews with experts, magazine and newspaper articles (online or print media). The power point presentation will count approximately as a test grade, that is, 16% of your final grade.

This is important. Beneath each power point slide (excepting the title and reference list slides), in the section, Click To Add Notes, the student will provide, in complete sentences and in proper grammatical form, full text for each of the truncated items on the slide. For those students who have difficulty with the craft of scholarly writing, I strongly recommend that you purchase an edition of Stunk and Whites brief but concise resource book, Elements of Style, and more importantly, refer to it often.
Subject Matter: The student will select a type of cyber crime (or category of cyber crimes) and research its possible causes in the context of emerging or established criminology, sociological, psychological, philosophical, anthropological or economic theory or theories. The objective of the power point will be to explain or account for a selected type of cyber crime by established research, empirical evidence, logical argument, or established academic or professional authorities. The student will assess the goodness of fit that a theory or set of theories provides in accounting for the selected cyber crime. Conversely, the student will also outline and elaborate on the deficiencies or flaws of that particular explanation(s). The following structure is required for your power point presentation:
I.Introduction (16 points)
II. Description of the class or category of cyber crime you have chosen, its magnitude, and its significance (17 points)
III.Comprehensive outline of the theory or theories you have chosen to explain the cyber crime(s) in II above (17 points)
IV.What are the strengths of this theory relative to how well it accounts for or explains the cyber crime you have chose? Be specific. (17 points)
V.What are the weaknesses of the theory? That is, in what ways does it fail to account for the cyber crime you have chosen? Be specific. (17 points)
VI. Summarize your evaluation of the extent of the explanatory power of your theory. (16 points)

Maximum total number of points= 100