Summarize the results of the calculation in 50 to 70 words.

Calculate the appropriate statistic for comparing means (either the independent group’s t-test or a one-way ANOVA) using your assigned data set from Week Two.

Summarize the results of the calculation in 50 to 70 words.

Submit the IBM® SPSS® output and your summary to your instructor by copying and pasting the tables into a word document.

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xxxxxx xxxx SCORE VS xxxxxx


xxxxxxxxxxx Samples Test(figure xx
xxxxxxxx Test for xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx for xxxxxxxx of Means
x xxxx t xx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx Std. Error Difference 95% xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx of the xxxxxxxxxx
xxxxx xxxxx
xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx variances assumed xxxx .667 -.956 xx xxxx xxxxxx 6.098 xxxxxxx 6.433
xxxxx variances xxx assumed xxxxx 46.525 xxxx -5.827 xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx

Since the p-value xx the xxxxxxxx xxxx for Equality of Variances xxxxxxxx x 0.667) is xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx xx fail to reject xxx xxxxxxxxxx of equality xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx use the xxxxx xxxx The confidence interval xxxxxxxx 0 xxxxxxxxx we xxxxxxxx that the xxxx SCORE xx not significantly different xxxxxxx males xxx xxxxxxxx



xxxxx xxxxx
x Mean Std. xxxxxxxxx Std. xxxxx 95% Confidence xxxxxxxx xxx xxxx Minimum xxxxxxx
Lower xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx
x 10 126.70 21.644 xxxxx 111.22 142.18 95 xxx
2 xx xxxxxx xxxxxx 5.163 135.70 xxxxxx xxx xxx
3 17 158.59 xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx 165.12 136 177
4 x xxxxxx xxxxxx 3.802 160.12 177.66 xxx 186
Total xx 150.78 21.522 xxxxx 144.66 xxxxxx 95 186


xxxxxxxxxxxx 2)
xxxxx xxxxx
Sum xx Squares xx xxxx Square x xxxx
xxxxxxx Groups 10001.759 x 3333.920 12.081 xxxx

– – – more text follows – – –

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