Prepare a summary of the paper including the identification giving the explanations.

Chapter 10 identified various ideal and theories to support the politics of globalization and given that we’ve just completed an election for the presidency of the United States, it’s important to connect any of these theories to the political processes in this country.  The reason that we review the political processes in this country is understand how we view the issue of globalization and what policies or processes we will institute as they originate from our political ideology.

Please select any of the theories from this week’s reading (e.g. neoliberals, skeptics, protectionists, etc.) and see if there is any connectivity to either of the candidates that sought the presidency of the U.S.  You may choose any of the persons seeking this seat and not limit your selection to either President Obama or Mitt Romney.

Prepare a summary of your findings that includes that following:

  • Executive Summary
  • Identification of their political ideology with an explanation of how you arrived at that conclusion
  • An example of their known or suggested trade policies that support their view