It is common wisdom right or wrong in this case?

It is common wisdom that death of a spouse can lead to health deterioration of the partner left behind. It is common wisdom right or wrong in this case? To investigate, Maddison and Viola (1968) measured the degree of health deterioration of 132 widows in the Boston area, all of whose husbands had died at the age of 45-60 within a fixed six-month period before the study. A total of 28 of the 132 widows had experienced a marked deterioration in health, 47 had seen a moderate deterioraton, and 57 had seen no deterioration in health. Of 98 control women with similar characteristics who had not lost their husbands, 7 saw a marked deterioration in health over the same time period, 31 experienced a moderate deterioration of health, and 60 saw no deterioration. Test whether the pattern of health deterioration was different between the two groups of women. Give the P-value as precisely as possible from the statistical tables, and interpret your result in words. note that the data file available is NOT correct. You must construct your own file. For your answer, ALSO give the probability from the distribution calculator, and cut/paste the image of what you’ve done.