How does this article help you answer your research question(s)?

nstructor. The citations should be listed in References or Works Cited format: double-spaced, using hanging indents, and alphabetized by author’s last name. Use the links, videos, and other resources provided in the APA Format and Citations folder in the Resources area of this class to construct correct APA citations.


Annotations: After each citation, include 1-2 paragraphs of annotation, briefly summarizing and evaluating the source. To summarize and evaluate each source, each annotation should contain the following 5 parts. Be sure to clearly label each of these 5 parts in your annotations:

  • The Writer(s):Identify and describe the author(s) of the cited article. What are this person’s credentials or his/her authority on this issue?  How do you know this writer is a trustworthy or reputable source of information on this issue?
  • The Publication:Identify and describe the journal, magazine, newspaper, or website where the article was published. Who are the intended readers for this kind of publication or journal? How do you know that this publication is a trustworthy or reputable source for information on this issue?
  • The Summary:Identify the type of writing, state the main claim or conclusion of this article, and summarize the key supporting points or examples in your own words. Is the writing a newspaper article, a professional journal article, an opinion piece or editorial, a scientific report, or some other type of source? What claim or position, if any, is being argued? What sort of information is provided? What does this article say?
  • The Stance:Identify and describe the rhetorical situation for the article. What do you know about the original purpose of this article? What is the attitude or tone projected by this writer? How does this writer’s attitude or tone compare with what other writers have had to say on this issue or topic?  What is this writer’s “stake” in the issue, and how has this writer’s profession, experiences, interests, or personal values influenced her/his position? How reliable, current, relevant, complete, and accurate is the evidence used in the article?
  • The Use:What use can YOU make of this article in your upcoming writing projects? How does this article help you answer your research question(s)? How does it suggest more areas to explore or deeper questions to answer? Identify a quote, a paraphrase, a general reaction, or a theme or idea from this writing that you might include in your project(s).