How does the term discourse help to understand the significance of the ways that people use language?

Complete and upload to Blackboard by Wednesday, October 21 by 12:00 pm, noon.

1.     Identify similarities and differences between content-specific and academic vocabulary. Be sure to provide an example of content specific and academic vocabulary, as related to your content area.

2.     Identify at least 3 benefits and 3 concerns with having students identify new vocabulary words at the beginning of a learning unit.

3.     How is vocabulary development that is based on contextual knowledge affiliated with schema theory?

4.     Identify at least 3 purposes for teaching vocabulary to students, to align with a unit of learning. Be sure to provide insight about each of these purposes.

REED 518/SCED 429 1 October 14, 2015

REED 518/SCED 429 2 October 14, 2015

5.     Create a case study where students were not exposed to much content based vocabulary in the year prior to coming to your class. Be sure to include the ways that this limited vocabulary exposure has impacted their ability to connect with a particular concept that you are attempting to teach.

6.     Respond to the case study that you created by identifying at least 3 strategies for addressing this vocabulary deficit. Be sure to explain why you have selected these particular strategies as a means of teaching your particular concept.

7.     Research a textbook (relying on the web) that you might potentially use in your classroom (choose the grade level and specific content area). Identify the procedure/activities, you would use to help your students navigate their way through a chapter of that textbook. Please include a picture of the textbook that you have selected as well as an APA citation for the textbook. Also, explain why you selected this textbook (be sur to consider how the textbook aligns with the reading levels of your students).

8.     Explain how the rule of thumb, or the five finger rule, might help you to select a textbook or reading selection for your students?

9. Identify the standards aligned with the following: a. CC.ELA.W.7.8

b. CC.ELA.L.7.1c

c. CC.ELA.RST.11-12.8

10. Explain the connection between language and intelligence.

11. How does the term discourse help to understand the significance of the ways that people use language?