Find out what changes can be made to improve their life.

  1. Ask the person to tell their story – their history… where they were born, their family situation, educational experiences, adulthood goals, and current living situations.
  2. Ask the person about their experiences in society – have they experienced any challenges in accomplishing their goals.  What about education?  Have they ever been discriminated against?  Talk to the individual about Americans with Disabilities Act.  Are they aware of their rights?
  3. If appropriate and the person wants to share details about their specific disability, include that information.  If they would prefer to not give you specifics of the disability in a medical context, then be respectful and stick to the societal responses to their situation.  Focus on the strengths of the individual and their attitudes towards their experiences.  Find out what changes can be made to improve their life.
  4. At the end of the write-up, reflect on your own personal response to this experience.  Reflect on any biased beliefs of which you were made aware.  How can you become an ally to make the changes needed for this person to live a full and