Explain how one of the laws you created would be put in place in order to avoid the consequences of that particular concept.

For your final paper, you will need to use all of the critical thinking skills you have learned to design a new society. Assume you have a basic infrastructure already in place so you don’t have to worry about things like electricity, running water, roads, etc. Keeping in mind all of the things that we have learned and discussed this semester, what would your society be like? What rules and laws would you have? Why should anyone join your society? What problems might your society face and why are those problems preferable to the ones we face today? Your paper should describe the details of your society and the reasoning behind your decisions. Some things you might want to think about: Type of government Laws Social structure Would you want to model your society after pieces of other existing societies or do you have new ideas that have never been tried before? Realistically, what kinds of problems would your society have to face with these decisions? (Remember, no society is ever perfect.) While all of your ideas are undoubtedly going to be interesting, what you should focus on most is explaining why you have made the choices you made. Keep in mind that the purpose of this assignment is to showcase the critical thinking skills that you have learned throughout this course. Providing a list of laws and descriptions of the various aspects of your society in and of itself does not demonstrate that you have learned to be a strong critical thinker. Focus on the why instead of the what. As you begin writing the drafts of your paper, many of you will find that you can easily fill 7-10 pages without getting into much detail about the reasoning behind your decisions. Make sure you avoid this pitfall. Again, a paper full of ideas and descriptions without a focus on demonstrating the critical thinking skills you have learned will not earn a high grade. If you find yourself with too many ideas and not enough space, try selecting the few most important aspects of your new society and focus your paper on explaining your reasoning behind those ideas. Use the information from your text book. Be sure to cite the text book and several other scholarly sources. One way to incorporate material from the text would be to explain one of the critical thinking or decision making processes you read about, followed by a description of how you used that process to make a decision about an important aspect of your society. Another example of how you can incorporate the course material into your paper would be to describe a concept from the book (like a fallacy, for example) and explain how one of the laws you created would be put in place in order to avoid the consequences of that particular concept. You could then follow that up with your rationale behind how that law would accomplish that particular goal.