Do a research on the project of healthcare as a topic and in statement form discuss it briefly.

Individual Projects Individual Project Plans must be approved by Dr. Brent prior to starting the projects. Each individual will select a healthcare finance topic for research. This topic will be researched thoroughly from primary and secondary research sources and presented in a 10-page minimum paper. The individual project will focus on a relevant health finance or accounting topic of interest to you the writer. The topic must be approved by Dr. Brent before you begin your research and written in APA style with proper grammar and syntax required for academic writing (and will be graded on that presentation content, namely grammar, subject content, and paper presentation). It will be double-spaced, with cover sheet not counted in the 10-page requirement and appendix containing any numerical displays like financial statements, forecasts, or other charting also not included in the 10-page requirement. Writing Requirements for the Individual Project The Semester Research Papers is to be typewritten and double spaced, with a one-inch margin on all sides of the paper and set in a standard, traditional font (Times New Roman) at a 12-pitch font size. The writing style for the Project is APA style, no exceptions-10 points will be deducted for not following this rule. Use the latest edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association for reference in writing this paper. A cover sheet is required that must include the following: Your name, the date the paper is submitted, the course title, the Professor’s name, and the topic. The length of this paper’s content should be a minimum of 10 typed pages-the cover sheet and the Reference page are not included in this number. Remember to include the ‘Reference’ Sheet(s) in APA format. Citations must be included throughout your paper. Do not use Wikipedia. Your paper is due to me on our last day of online classes NLT midnight.