Discuss influences of human diversity in the project.

Research paper on Vitamin D in clinical Laboratory science
Course Project Introduction

There are four phases of work in the completion of this paper:

Phase 1 Panning Proposal
Defines a topic on Vitamin D
A rough draft of the Introduction is completed

Phase 2 Literature Review
The literature research on the topic, and writes a comprehensive literature review.
Final draft of the Introduction is submitted
Rough draft of the literature review is submitted
Rough draft of the References is submitted

Phase 3 Analysis/Evaluation
The primary analysis/evaluation.
The draft of the Analysis/Evaluation is submitted as well as drafts of the Conclusions, Recommendations.
The course assignment is to write a formal literature review on an advanced analytical, immunological or molecular technique used presently in clinical laboratory science. Influences of human diversity are to be included. The formal document using APA format. Your paper must demonstrate the following learning outcomes:
• Assess clinical laboratory practice and procedure by applying the knowledge of technical skills and theory obtained.
• Establish a course of action to correct clinical laboratory problems.
• Demonstrate a competence in the knowledge and basis of laboratory methods which use advanced analytical, immunological and molecular techniques.
• Evaluate laboratory procedures and results.
• Demonstrate the ability to critically think and apply knowledge to new situations.
• Conduct research using primary literature sources.
• Produce written work of the standards required by employers in the industry or post graduate programs.
• Apply the essential tools of inquiry to collect and evaluate a topic in clinical laboratory science.
• Use appropriate library and technology resources.
• Conduct research using primary sources and peer reviewed professional journals.
• Use reflective analysis and synthesis to prepare an original work.
• Discuss influences of human diversity in the project.