Discuss and identify some of the facts you have uncovered regarding your research topic.

This Discussion provides a useful way for you to begin identifying some of the facts you have uncovered regarding your research topic. You may want to use some or all of these facts in your Information Report and, later, in your final Research Project, as well. Be sure to cite your facts following MLA citation guidelines. [Other research styles are ineligible for credit in this course.]

To prepare for this assignment, refer to the “Assignment List” pages in our previous modules, about locating, citing, and evaluating sources.

NOTE: If you did not receive approval from me for your research thesis in the “Research Proposal” Discussion, be sure to contact me in the current Discussions Qs & As thread for thesis approval before you proceed in the course.


Select and post two (2) critical and/or fascinating facts that you learned from one or two professional and current sources (published in the last five years) regarding your current research topic.
Do not quote. Instead, interpret your facts using *only* your own words, i.e., paraphrase or summarize the source information. And use only 3rd person pronouns (he, she, it, they, their, them, etc.).
At the end of each statement of fact, insert an MLA-style parenthetical reference (in-text citation) to credit your source for the idea and to help you avoid plagiarism.
Parenthetical Reference Examples

Article with two authors: … (Hepburn and Simon).
Anonymous article: … (“Election Reforms in Dire Need”).
4. Below your two cited facts, insert a Works Cited list of bibliographic citations, one for each source you cited in your facts list. Alphabetize your list of citations and, for each online article, include a complete Internet address that will take readers directly to your article page