Develop ideas with ample description, details, and examples.

Read the question/prompt carefully – be sure to answer all parts of the question

 Take the time to p rewrite/organize ideas—map it out

 Write a clear, strong thesis statement (main idea/focus)—maybe use a triplet? Remember the

formula for a thesis: (Claim) because A, B, C…

 Develop ideas with ample description, details, and examples

 Include an introduction and a conclusion

 Write legibly–double-space- two peages to three.

 Use transition words

 Leave time to revise and proofread/edit – check for content/ideas, correct verb tenses,

capitalization, punctuation, spelling, etc…



you may use books, handouts, notes.. The essay should answer this question


What is revision? Please define the term as it pertains to writers (or any artists) and refer to any

class lectures/assignments regarding revision (please cite if you use info/quotes directly from

Murray’s Internal Revision article). Reflect on a time when you engaged in real revision as part

of your writing process—give specific details. What was the end result?