Describe how Jack could have paid attention to the reliability and validity of his findings.

  1. WhyarethedatathatJackhasgatheredqualitativeinnature?


  1. Describe the sampling technique that Jack used. Using the sampling techniques described in Chapter 13 and summarized in table 13.2 on page 254, which type technique do you think Jack used? Do you think the technique was appropriate? What are its strengths and weaknesses? Would another technique have been better? Explain your answers.


  1. Describethethreestepsinqualitativedataanalysis(datareduction,datadisplay,and thedrawingofconclusions)onthebasisofJack’sstudy.


  1. 4.  Jackhasnotpaidanyattentiontothereliabilityandvalidityofhisresultsinthefirst



  1. Discussreliabilityandvalidityin qualitativeresearch.



  1. Describe how  Jack  could  have  paid  attention  to  the  reliability  and  validity  of  his findings.


  1. 5.  PleasecategorizethefollowingthreeresponsesintoJack’sclassificationsyste