Compare and contrast financial and managerial accounting.

As part of managerial accounting student learning outcomes, students are expected to successfully: 1. Identify and illustrate the primary activities and informational needs of managers and explain the role of the managerial accountant as a member of the management team. Compare and contrast financial and managerial accounting. 2. Define and illustrate various cost terms and concepts and evaluate their relevancy for different decision-making purposes. In this paper you will apply the concepts noted in 1 and 2 above. You will report on a consumer packaged goods company of your choice, and identify and discuss types of quantitative data that can help the company improve its performance. A consumer packaged goods company is a company that manufacturers a type of product that is consumed (purchased) everyday by the average consumer. The company must be a publicly held corporation where financial data is readily available, such as in a recent Annual Report or a Quarterly Earnings Release. Such information may by found by searching on-line under “Investor Relations” and the company name, or entering the company name on Requirements: Your paper should include the following and respond to the