Compare and contrast analysis and reflection of the results.

The topic is:  Educational Leadership Self Inventory Analysis

The purpose of this assignment will be for you to develop an understanding of your leadership style, behaviors and beliefs and compare these learning to leadership standards in the field. Assignment includes:

Complete the “Educational Leadership Self Inventory” (located in course materials folder). Plot your results on the Leadership profile at the end of the survey. Analyze through compare and contrast:

How do your results compare to the Connecticut Educational Leadership Profile?

How do your results connect with the ISLLC standards and the National Association of Secondary School Principal (NASSP) effective Principal’s guidelines?

What did you learn about yourself as an Educational Leader?

What might be some next steps in your professional development as a result of the learning from this survey?

Write a two-page summary of your analysis. APA format (first person accepted)

Follow the rubric :

1-Summary of results from completing and plotting the “Educational Leadership Self Inventory”: The writer developed a clear written summary of the results from their survey.

2-Compare and contrast analysis and reflection of the results: The writer provided an insightful analysis and reflection of the results, using the questions posted in the assignment.

3-Writing Mechanics: APA Cover paper Grammar/Spelling:  Correctly uses APA citations, proper grammar and spelling.