Based on your analysis, what would you recommend i.e. to invest or look for other options?

International Business Coursework Assessment (SOE09102)
Coursework Brief
Sainsburys plc, a major British supermarket chain has appointed you as a consultant. The company is considering investing overseas as global expansion is perceived at this time to be a potentially important element of the companys long-term strategic goals. In particular Sainsburys have been looking closely for some time at a number of diverse markets including China, Greece, Australia and Canada. In order to help with their decision making, management at Sainsburys have requested that you compile a report regarding the attractiveness of ONE of these locations based on potential return on investment.
For your coursework you must evaluate the opportunities and risks presented by the given location of your choice. Based on your analysis, what would you recommend i.e. to invest or look for other options? Please ensure that you give reasons for your recommendation.
Please note that you must select only ONE country to investigate. For example, do not write a report comparing the four countries.

Allocation of Marks
Presentation and structure (5%)
Analysis of political, economic, cultural and ethical risks in the country selected (30%)
Identification and evaluation of business opportunities (30%)
Use of appropriate examples of companies to support arguments (10%)
Conclusion and recommendations based on findings. Do you recommend that the company you are representing should invest? Which market entry strategy would you propose? Ensure your findings and recommendations are consistent with the foregoing analysis (20%)
Referencing (Harvard Style) (5%)
Length: Minimum 2500 words and a Maximum of 3500
References: A minimum of 10 appropriate references all of which are cited in your bibliography.
Submission date: Wednesday 4 November 2015 by 3pm (Submit to the box outside room 1/53)
-Also ensure you submit to Turnitin
Late Submission
Please note that late submission will be penalize unless a valid extension has been agreed with the module leader. Submissions in excess of the above word limit will also incur penalty. Assignments submitted after the above time will be capped, i.e. subject to a maximum mark of 40%. Submission after one week will be awarded a zero mark. However if you think you have a valid reason for late submission you should see your module leader to instigate a Mitigating Circumstances procedure where you will be asked for documented evidence of reasons for lateness and your case will be considered by the Business Schools Mitigating Circumstances Board.