Are the Minutemen racist? Why or why not?

The assignment for this module contains two parts. Respond to both parts of this assignment on one Word document.


1.   Go to the Immigration: A Dictionary and Reference Guide, Chapter 9, Document 4 beginning on p. 199

      “Proposition 187 of 1994 – Arguments in Favor and Against.” Create any sort of visual representation of

       the arguments for and against Proposition 187. The visual representation can be in one of several forms,

       including a chart or a graph, a poster, a political ad, a t-shirt design, a television commercial, or anything

       else you can think of.


2.   Read the article “Patriots or vigilantes? Florida’s Minutemen on lookout for illegals” and watch the

      video Minutemen Patrol the Border with Mexico. Then respond to the following:


      Why do the Minutemen believe they are needed?

      Are the Minutemen racist? Why or why not?