1. Based on the three customer personas, which consumer segment should Ontela target?
2. Create a positioning statement for your chosen target persona and identify the key themes that should be emphasized in the messaging for the PicDec service to this segment.
3. What are the risks of using qualitative persona to select target segments?


1. Based only on the cluster analysis data, which preference related variables are most useful for segmentation identification and evaluation? Which variables are least useful?
2. Create descriptive profiles for the customers segment represented by each cluster, without using information provided in Exhibits 3 and 4. 
3. Now use the profiling information in Exhibit 4 to create a revised profile for each cluster. Is this profile different from what you guessed based only on the preference data?
4. Which segment(s) would you recommend as a target for PickDeck? Justify.
5. Develop a positioning statement for your elected target customer(s)…