What would be your suggestions to develop an effective E-commerce strategy?

Spinneys is a famous retail chain and it has a good market share in Dubai retail. Spinners have hired you as a consultant to expand its customer outreach in Dubai. Having discussed the case of “Same day delivery” model for companies like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, you are now in charge of providing same day delivery for Spinneys in Dubai. However, this delivery is NOT a typical on-line delivery model where customers place an order using a website. Spinners wishes to explore new methods of capturing customer orders. Here are some of the directions given to you by Spinneys:

1. They wish to utilize the waiting time of people in metro stations and bus stops so that they can use this time to order products from the store.

2. they wish to utilize the power of QR codes for this initiative.

3. They do not want to invest on their own data centers for any computing that might be required for this initiative. With the use of the latest trends of IS, they wish to reduce the cost of computing infrastructure.

As a consultant you decide to use a systematic approach to solve the given problem and propose an information system design. You are asked to follow the five steps of systems development to propose your solution. Each step in your solution should take care of the three constraints given by Spinneys (1, 2 , and 3)

If a portal/mobile site is used as a part of solution for conducting E-commerce, how would the 3Cs of E-commerce fall in one place?What would be your suggestions to develop an effective E-commerce strategy?