What variables were studied? What were the hypotheses concerning these variables? How were the variables measured and/or manipulated?

For this assignment I would like for you to summarize and critique an empirical  journal article published in a psychology journal. The summary must be typed with 10 or 12 point font and double-spaced with 1-inch margins. Please also write the summary in paragraph form and use your own words to describe the study.

Choose a study that is related to your group’s topic. Hopefully this article will be useful to you in writing your proposal. The article should be an empirical journal article from a peer-reviewed publication. Lastly I would like for you to provide an APA style citation for the article and staple the full-text of the article to your summary. Each member of your group should have a different article to summarize.

The summary must be written in your own words. In your summary include responses to the following points:

a. Start with a brief summary of what the article is about.

b. What was the general research question/purpose of the study

cWhat variables were studied? What were the hypotheses concerning these variables? How were the variables measured and/or manipulated?

d. Who were the participants? (e.g. How many? How were they recruited? Were there any special characteristics of participants?)

e. What were the procedures, tasks, or instruments (e.g., surveys) used?

f. What were the main results (describe in words)Were the results consistent with the hypotheses of the study and the literature described in the introductionWere there any surprising or unexpected results? DO NOT PROVIDE STATISTICS.

g. How did the researcher interpret the results? Can you think of alternative interpretations? Did the authors discuss the limitations of the research? If so, what were they?

h. Did the authors give suggestions for future research or applications? Can you provide other suggestions?