What psychological issues where you exploring and why?

A review on psychological analysis and write a review on mental health related issue in American horror asylum. Paper Format- You will write a 3-4-page APA style Double-spaced. Four-five sources Use one scholarly website (.gov, .edu, .org,), the rest will consist of peer reviewed journals, and books (no handouts, no textbook) to increase clarity of your paper, and provide supporting material into your insights and observations. Use of parenthetical citations is required. Paper consists of title page Abstract Content 3-4 pages Reference page. APA style consists of subheadings so break your paper into subtopics that you are exploring. Compare and Contrast important characters Look at the dynamics of relationships and families, ethical issues, conflicts, mental health issues, professionalism or lack there of. Integrate into your paper Explore theories, theoretical perspectives, behaviors, personalities, physiology, psychopathologies, and other constructs that you are exploring and why is it important to the field of Psychology and how can you apply it. (do not give a summary of the movie) But use examples and scenes from the movie as support. Integrate your own and your groups ideas and observations in your psychological analysis. What psychological issues where you exploring and why? Use some self-reflection and examples in your paper. Evaluation: – paper/presentation/analysis will be evaluated on your psychological analysis of the movie, support, observations, perspectives, creativeness, and references. It should be be evaluated on analysis, diction, sentence structure, grammar, academic references, APA format.