What is the loss in decibels (dB)?

General Instructions: Answer the following questions, submitting your answers on Blackboard. SHOW YOUR WORK on any math problems.

Consider the following voltage signal: V(t)=12sin(377t)

1. What is the peak voltage of the signal [Volts]?

2. What is the angular frequency [rad/sec]?

3. What is the frequency of the signal [Hz]?

4. What is the period of the signal [sec/cycle]?


In a heterodyne receiver, the intermediate frequency of the receiver is 21.4 MHz.

5. What is the local oscillator frequency (f1) if the tuned frequency (f2) is 120.9 MHz?

6. If the local oscillator frequency (f1) is 145.7 MHz, what is the tuned frequency (f2)?


The gain of a power amplifier is 5.

7. If 30W are coming in, what is the power going out?

8. What is the gain in decibels (dB)?


The attenuation of a voltage attenuator is 10.

9. If 120V are coming in, what is the voltage going out?

10. What is the loss in decibels (dB)?