What does the future of the technology hold?

(1) Description You are required to write an essay on a technology (eg hand-held communicators, faster than light travel, time-travel, etc.) which was introduced as a concept in science fiction. This technology may or may not have already been developed. The technology chosen is Faster than light travel You must have the following sections in your report: 1. Title – Descriptive title of the topic. 2. Introduction and History – Describe the technology in terms of what it does and its potential benefits and/or problems. Include at least two references to the first (or early) appearance of the technology in science fiction literature/media, as well as at least two from recent literature/media. 3. Current Status/Recent Developments – If the technology has been developed then explain the following: when it was developed, by whom and its current status. If it has not yet been developed: outline theoretical and/or experimental work currently underway to make the technology a reality. 4. Technological Limitations and Future Potential – If already developed: what does the future of the technology hold? If not already developed: describe what technologies must be developed and/or scientific discoveries made in order to make the technology a reality. Include predictions on the likelihood of the technology coming to fruition and realistic potential timelines. 5. References –