How does each negotiate going back and forth between identities? Must they give up certain aspects of self in order to accomplish this?

The essay must include specific examples from Rhys’ Wide Sargasso Sea as well as examples from the any of the critical source. Use Laguardia Community College Library website and choose any article. Follow the order below
1. Laguardia Library
2.Find books and articles
3.English and World Literature
4.J stor
Avoid biographical articles and do not use reviews. Must use one of the essay in the end of the book as a source.
Including Research
Please include quotes and/or paraphrases. In the body paragraphs there should be part examples and/or explanations. Do not mention it in the introduction, conclusion or at the start of the body paragraphs.
Including research material in the essay
1.Begin with a brief summary of the article
2.Quote or paraphrase with the page number
3.Explain the quote and conduct to the ideas in the paragraphs

Body paragraphs
1.Topic sentence begin with 1 of your supporting ideas
2.Begin with the main idea of the paragraph
3.Do not begin with a character.
Explain the focus of the paragraphs
Offer examples Use quotations and paraphrases use examples for character in the novel

The point is in the 1 sentence and than you connect back to your thesis statement and idea.
Choose any of the topics below
In Wide Sargasso Sea, Antoinette Cosway, an example of the Creole class in the West Indies, describes herself as a “white cockroach,” explaining, “Thats what they call all of us who were here before their own people in Africa sold them to the slave traders. And I’ve heard English women call us white niggers. So between you I often wonder who I am and where is my country and where do I belong and why I was ever born at all.” What is the position of the Creole community in the West Indies of Rhys’ novel? How do the characters negotiate allegiances to disparate communities and how does she deal with her European and American/Creole identities? In an essay explain the positions of the Creoles in Wide Sargasso Sea within the different communities present in the novel, providing specific examples from Rhys text and from both of your critical sources

In Rhys novel we encounter characters who travel back and forth between locations, social classes, and communities. How does this traveling affect the characters? Are some more successful than others? In what ways is Wide Sargasso Sea a text about being between locations, states, identities, and communities? In an essay consider the “in-between-ness” of Wide Sargasso Sea. As you discuss this notion, discuss how his or her fluidity affects each character. How does each negotiate going back and forth between identities? Must they give up certain aspects of self in order to accomplish this? What are the consequences for each? Include specific examples from Rhy’s novel and from the your sources.
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As a revisionist text, Wide Sargasso Sea chooses to “tell otherwise” about the story of Jane Eyre”s Bertha Mason. Rhy”s re imagines the familiar charters and recasts them. What changes does Rhy”s choose to make and why are these changes important? In what ways does Wide Sargasso Sea break with canon? In an essay discuss 3 ways in which Wide Sargasso Sea changes the master narrative of Jane Eyre, considering the authors choices and offering specific examples from Wide Sargasso Sea. Focus almost entirely on Rhys novel, and include specific examples from your 2 critical text.